Restaurants & Bars

the large veranda in Artemis restaurant overlooking the Aegean Sea

Artemis Restaurant

The main Artemis restaurant has a large veranda overlooking the Aegean Sea and is open for breakfast and dinner.

table for romantic dinner with wine glasses and red roses in Kalimera Kriti Hotel's restaurant


The à la carte restaurant Dionysos offers an authentic taste of Crete. Ideally located near the main bar, the restaurant overlooks the pool and the Aegean Sea. Daily vegetarian menu and special diet dishes are available.

seaside tables for dinner in Thalassa a la carte restaurant


Thalassa a la carte restaurant is located by the sea. Experience Mediterranean cuisine and exquisite traditional ingredients. Enjoy your meal with a sea view and watch the sun set. It is an amazing spot to organize the most romantic event-dinners. Open for lunch and dinner.

Kalimera Kriti Hotel's exterior main bar


The Main Bar is the heart of the Kalimera Kriti. It offers a selection of hot and cold beverages as well as a choice of cocktails, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Open from mid-afternoon until late at night.

greek Kafenion and wine taste space in Kalimera Kriti Hotel near the cave

GREEK KAFENION, “Spilia” Cave and Wine Cellar

The Kafenion is situated next to the cave near the main building. The Kafenion offers traditional Greek coffee, raki, ouzo, Cretan wine and a variety of beers served in a relaxed atmosphere. The cave (spilia in Greek) is a unique natural cave within Kalimera Kriti. The space can be used for special events and wine-tasting.

seaside Beach Bar with sunbeds and umbrellas


The Beach Bar overlooking the sea offers fresh juices, ice creams, light refreshments and tasty snacks to keep you hydrated without needing to leave the sand.

woman relaxes on sunbed with a glass of wine in Kalimera Kriti Hotel terrace

Pool Bar

The pool bar is located between the Olympic size swimming pool and the sea front, it offers a variety of refreshments snacks, salads, Greek and International specialties.

Bed & breakfast Plan

Enjoy a rich with your accommodation. Served in the hotel's Artemis restaurant.

Half Board Plan

Enjoy a rich breakfast and dinner. Served in the hotel's Artemis restaurant.

Full Board Plan

Enjoy a rich breakfast, lunch and dinner served in the hotel's Artemis restaurant.


Special themed events are organised almost every evening at the hotel. A few regular examples include: wine tasting at the cave wine cellar; Greek night with live music; live music at the main bar; DJ music at the main bar.